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Community solutions with a heart

We aim to strengthen our community by addressing disadvantage and promoting volunteering. We help to connect local authorities, statutory services and the voluntary sector with residents across Eastbourne and the surrounding areas.

Strengthening our community

Volunteers Network is made up of local people who care about our community and want to make changes for the better. There is a lot to do but we use our combined skills as volunteers to create simple solutions with a heart.

Addressing Disadvantage
Addressing Disadvantage

We identify gaps in local services and work with local authorities, statutory services and the voluntary sector in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas to fill those gaps and improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our community.

Promoting Volunteering
Promoting Volunteering

We are a volunteer run organisation that recognises the important part that volunteers play in our community. Volunteers can literally change the world - and have great fun doing it, so we support others to find the right role and start making a difference.


Business Training

"Through volunteering I no longer feel isolated, my anxiety has lessened and my self -esteem has improved. Since regaining my confidence I also have paid work again, although I still volunteer because I love it so much!"

-Anon, Eastbourne

Volunteer today!

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience and increase your wellbeing by finding your place within our community. It will boost your CV & improve your chances of getting the job you want, but you'll also be playing your part in strengthening our community. Use your existing skills or learn new ones, on our list of local volunteering opportunities you'll find roles from beekeeping to bookkeeping!

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