Volunteers Network

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We aim to strengthen our community by addressing disadvantage and promoting volunteering. We help to connect local authorities, statutory services and the voluntary sector with residents across Eastbourne and the surrounding areas.

Supporting The Voluntary Sector

  • Helping organisations to find volunteers
  • Promoting local clubs, groups & events
  • Promoting local services that provide support to residents
  • Identifying gaps in community services and working to fill those gaps
  • Promoting collaborations within the voluntary sector
  • Troubleshooting issues within the community
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Supporting Residents

  • Reducing social isolation and improving mental health by connecting residents with social clubs, groups and events
  • Connecting residents with any support services they may need
  • Supporting residents to volunteer
  • Promoting existing projects & services that encourage people to connect with their community & establishing new projects and services where necessary
  • Managing local community buildings and services


We aim to identify gaps in local services and work with local authorities, statutory services and the voluntary sector in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas to fill those gaps and improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our community.

  • Collating and disseminating support information
  • Collating and disseminating information to support people experiencing 9 forms of poverty in collaboration with the Eastbourne Poverty Commission
  • Supporting and collaborating with other organisations who work locally to reduce the impact of poverty
  • Managing Langney Larder
  • Supporting the development of a community fridge/larder in every ward of Eastbourne
  • Managing the ‘Grow Eastbourne’ project to create community gardens for those without an outside space and develop a network of community food growing spaces throughout Eastbourne in collaboration with the Eastbourne Food Partnership and the RHS
  • Managing Langney Community Centre for the benefit of local residents and offering new services run from the centre
  • Championing equity for those with protected characteristics


We want to encourage and support residents to volunteer, both for their own benefit and for the benefit of their local community. Volunteering is an excellent way of improving a volunteer’s mental health, confidence and skills and volunteers play a huge role in community life.

Volunteers Reward Card
  • Collating and disseminating a volunteer opportunity list
  • Managing a volunteer reward card for all local volunteers
  • Attending and arranging events to promote volunteering
  • Managing our own volunteers in a way that promotes their wellbeing and maximises their effectiveness within the community
  • Supporting volunteers throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas
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